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Ship Repair, Survey & Refit

F.V. Antarctic Chieftain

Antartic Chieftain
Case Type: Ship Repair, Survey & Refit

LOA: 60 m

Tonnage: 1200 t

Project Duration: 20 days

Project Background:
The Antarctic Chieftain is a longline fishing vessel operating primarily in the Southern Ocean. Having sustained ice damage, she came to Aimex Service Group for emergency repair under tight timescales, in order that she could return to sea to catch her quota.

Project Scope:

  • Cropped and replaced hull plating in forward section, port and starboard
  • Whilst repair work was being undertaken, simultaneously dealt with all other current worklists on vessel

Project Outcome:
Aimex Service Group undertook an ‘around the clock’ work pattern in order to complete all repairs and general maintenance work lists to client’s deadline. All work was completed in good time, to allow the ship to return to sea on schedule.