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New Builds & Extensions

Cape Breton

New boat builds & extensions
New boat builds & extensions
New boat builds & extensions
New boat builds & extensions
Case Type: New Builds & Extensions

LOA: 82 m

Tonnage: 1800 t

Project Duration:  20 days

Project Background:
During a scheduled refit, the client decided to replace the crows nest on the Cape Breton tuna vessel. Aimex Service Group was successful in securing the contract to construct a new aluminium crows nest, including new windows and doors. Weight was a critical factor throughout. There was a requirement to build the new crows nest as light as possible because it would be positioned so high up on the ship.

Project Scope:

  • Designed and fabricated new aluminium crows nest
  • Designed, fabricated and fitted new top-of-mast structure
  • Fitted new radars
  • New crows nest and top-of-mast structure fabricated in our workshop and fitted to vessel on the water, craned in on-site

Project Outcome: The client was extremely impressed with Aimex Service Groups’s work, commenting that we had done a ‘superior job’ on the vessel.